He should believe her. She didn’t want a picture of Zeus in her head. It would just be horrible and her brain might melt because of it. Keeping with her opinion, she shook her head. “That won’t mean anything then cause it wouldn’t make your point of everyone being you.” She spoke out. It would be pointless if he had to dress up as himself.

"It will make a most definite point!" No listen to Zeus’s logic. It’ll make 100% a lot of sense. "You see," He put a hand over his heart," if the mortals see me—the epitome of perfection—dressed as a vampire they too, will wish to reach my status and also want to dress up as a vampire.” Zeus threw his hands in the air with satisfaction. “It is pure science.”



     ”Why celebrate Halloween when you can just go out and buy a candy, and spend time watching movies all night?”

"…Such a thing is a daily occurrence."



"You and your imagination again, father.”  the goddess blinked. “And why do you care so much about them dressing up as you, anyway?”

"I simply speak the truth and nothing but the truth, daughter." Zeus shot back, lips quirked in a tiny smile. "It’s the ultimate form of devotion and love to dress up as me. As such, it’s the right thing to do."


"And who are you?"


"Who am I?" Zeus repeated, astonished. How could their be a mortal that did not know of his awesome legacy? "You must be rightly educated! It’s a shame that you do not know of I—Lord Zeus, king of the Gods."


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Have you no manners? 
Though I may look like you humans; 
fashioned in your flesh ; 
knit together with your bones ; 
the blood of a God runs through my veins. 

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He finds the man to be quite adorable to think of such a thing. This year it was most likely to be of Disney characters more than Olympus ones. 

Casually narrows his eyes, but not in a mean way. More of a ‘trying to figure out what this guy’s agenda is but may also be checking out his ass’ sort of way. “Is something humorous about what I’ve just said?”



           That wasn’t something she wanted to hear. Not at all. Nope. She wanted that image out of her head now. "Ew. Please don’t give me that image again. Not to be rude or anything… I just don’t want to see that. I can tell you that most of the population will be vampires and such but, none of them will be called Zeus." She was just being honest. No one would say they were Zeus but at a vampire or whatever.

Zeus’s smile only seemed to grow rather than fade at her insistence of not wanting to see that. “Why am I not too keen to believe you?” Because you’re an asshat that’s why. He huffed, puffing out his cheeks like a child. “There will be at least one vampire named Zeus… even if it has to be me!” Zeus what are you even trying to prove at this point?